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We are delighted to invite you to ICGREEN 2016 - the Fifth International Conference on Green IT Solutions, to be held in Rhodes, Greece on 20-21 June 2016. Focusing on the role of information systems and technologies in enabling sustainable solutions with respect to environment, the conference has two scientific areas of interest, namely: (i) Energy-efficient networking and computing; (ii) Smart IT solutions for green applications.

ICGREEN 2016 hence aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners who are interested not only in sustainable computing and green IT solutions but also in the possible impact of using IT to facilitate energy-efficiency and green utilization of resources both within the IT domain itself and outside. The conference seeks contributions containing unpublished material on the above-mentioned areas which are elaborated in the Call for Papers.

Ilian Ilkov,
Program Co-Chair

Marten van Sinderen,
Program Co-Chair

The proceedings of ICGREEN 2016 will be published by SCITEPRESS and included in the SCITEPRESS Digital Library.

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